Anti-theft SS400 Ground Solar Panel Mounting Bracket
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Anti-theft SS400 Ground Solar Panel Mounting Bracket Anti-theft SS400 Ground Solar Panel Mounting Bracket

Anti-theft SS400 Ground Solar Panel Mounting Bracket

Product Description

/Advantages of Anti-Theft PV Bracket/

Enhanced Security:
Anti-theft PV brackets are designed to srcure solar panels in a way that makes them difficult to remove without specialized tools. This deters theft and vandalism.

Durability and Longevity:
These brackets are often made from high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring that they last as long as the solar panels themselves.

Easy Installation:
Anti-theft PV brackets are generally designed for easy installation, reducing labor costs and installation time.

Minimal Maintenance:
Once installed, anti-theft PV brackets require little to no maintenance, which is a siginificant advantage for the long-term operation of a solar installation.

Preservation of Warranty:
Using anti-theft brackets that are design for solar installations ensures that the solar panels' warranty remains intact, as opposed to other mounting solutions that might damage the panels.

Peace of Mind:
Knowing that your solar panels are securely mounted with anti-theft brackets provides peace of mind that your investment is protected.

Potential Insurance Benefits:
Some insurance companies may offer lower premiums for solar installation that use anti-theft brackets due to the reduced risk of theft.

Optimized Panel Performance:
Anti-theft PV brackets are designed to hold panels securely and at the correct angle, which ensures that the panels operate at their maximum efficiency.

Many anti-theft PV bracket systems are designed to be adaptable to various types of installation, whether on rooftops, ground mounts, or other structures.

Resale Value:
Secure and well-maintained solar installations with anti-theft brackets may have higher resale value, as new owners will appreciate the added security frature.

/Material List of 12 Panels Solar Mounting Bracket /

NO. Item Length(mm) Material(HDG) QTY(PCS)
1 Front Column 2800 SS400 4
2 Front inner sleeve 1312 SS400 4
3 Back Column 3200 SS400 4
4 Back inner sleeve 2962 SS400 4
5 Front Support Rod 2870 SS400 2
6 Back Support Rod 3908 SS400 2
7 Side Support Rod 2388 SS400 4
8 Cross Beam 7000 SS400 3
9 Inclined Beam 4850 SS400 2
10 Short Lock Beam 1134 SS400 24
11 Long Lock Beam 4780 SS400 12
12 Lock Beam Adaptor 40*60 SS400 24
13 Foundation Components 560 SS400 4
14 Foundation Components
30*30 Angle Steel
3800 SS400 2
15 Foundation Components
30*30 Angle Steel
5200 SS400 2
16 Hoops L:285 S:195 SS400 8

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