Flat Single Axis Solar Sun Tracker System
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Flat Single Axis Solar Sun Tracker System Flat Single Axis Solar Sun Tracker System

Flat Single Axis Solar Sun Tracker System

Product Description


· Higher efficiency, +10%-25% more energy

· No back shadows design for bi-facial solar modules

· Simple structure: Easy for installation and maintenance

· Less power consumption: Only about 3-5kWh/set/year

· High frame strength: Better wind-resistance performance

· Reliable technology, low failure rate, high tracking accuracy

· Smart control, self-positioning & self-correction, low O&M cost

· Rain wash mode: Effectively reduce your solar panels washing times

· Snow prevention mode: Effectively increase your power generation time

· Single row type or small linkage type: Btter terrain adaptability

· High polymer material for rotating parts: Free maintenance for 25 years

/Technical Date/

Item Parameter
System Type Single Row Type/2-5 Rows Linked
Control Mode Time + GPS
Average Tracking Accuracy 0.1°-2.0°(adjustable)
Gear Motor 24V/1.5A
Output Torque 5000 N.M
Tracking Power Consumption(Per Set) 5kWh/year/set
Azimuth Angle Tracking Range +-50°
Elevation Angle Tracking Range 50°
Back Tracking Yes
Max. Wind Resistance in Horizontal 40 m/s
Max. Wind Resistance in Operation 24 m/s
Material Hot-dipped galvanized>65μm
System Guarantee 3 years
Working Temperature -40°C - +75°C
Technical Standard & Certificate CE, TUV
Weight(Per Set) 200-400 KGS
Total Power(Per Set) 5kW-40kW

/Main Parts of Flat Single Axis Solar Tracking System/

Item Description Size(mm)
1 Driving Vertical Pole
2 Supporting
3 Plastic Bearing
4 Purlin Connections Width: 34mm
5 Gear Ring
6 Chain Link
7 Spindle Connector
8 Prulin  Length: 1750mm
9 Center Beam Length: 8792mm

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